19 yr old from California. Sophomore at Cornell. Just your average lazy optimist with an unreasonable love of fashion. I'm in Seoul! I want to make friends, let me know if you are here too!

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goodgood said: How’s your guesthouse? I’m looking for one to stay at for the next week~

it’s good, but i think its booked! check out airbnb :) 

the one i’m in is ultari guesthouse, and they have 3 diff’t branches

not-your-nena asked:

You are just as beautiful, if not even more beautiful than keke! I seriously want to tell you that every day.

wahh, you are too nice! thank you thank you ^__^

p.s. you’re so pretty!!


Good morning from a very rainy day in Boston…… feeling super sleepy and happy

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NAM JUHYUK & JOO WOOJAE street fashion shot by streetper

fuckin upset with namju’s hotness after his first mv appearance released… (bitch please)


NAM JUHYUK & JOO WOOJAE street fashion shot by streetper

fuckin upset with namju’s hotness after his first mv appearance released… (bitch please)

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Oluchi Onweagba/i-D Magazine August 1999

Oluchi Onweagba/i-D Magazine August 1999

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i got lost ㅠㅠ

Last night, I decided to go to Hongdae for the first time since moving into the guesthouse i will be living in for the next three weeks. The guesthouse is located in Mapo-gu which is like 10 mins or so away from Hongdae. But I have no idea how to get from Hongdae to my guesthouse without taking the bus and not realizing this last night, I had a few drinks with friends and missed the last bus! I was feeling confident (maybe bc of my alcohol consumption) and decided I had memorized the bus route I took earlier in the day and that I’d be able to find it if I walked sooo I began walking as I figured I would recognize the area as I went on…but that was not the case…. After walking for 10 mins I realized that I am dumb and I should probably get help, so I walked into a minimart to ask an employee for help (this entire night i was very relieved that i know at least some Korean, learn a bit before you come here guys. it helps). He was really nice and looked like that one actor from that new drama Trot Lovers (i think his name is shin sung rok or something). He looked up my address on naver maps and told me to take a picture, but my phone died! So he charged my phone for me and bought me blue lemonade and I sat in there for 30 mins or so waiting for my phone to charge. He gave me directions basically telling me to walk all the way back to Hongdae station because I walked in the complete opposite direction that I was supposed to and was actually 20 mins away from Mapo-gu! I ventured out again and fortunately saw an ahjussi hail a taxi by waving his arm at the road so imitating him I crossed the street and successfully hailed a taxi by myself for the first time ever!! He dropped me off in an area I thought I recognized but soon got lost again because (once again) I’m dumb. Here I will mention that I despise dogs and am quite scared of them - no matter what size. But the only person in the nearest vicinity was out walking her dog and was picking up its poop when I walked up to her. She was able to help me but her evil chihuahua thing was barking at me the entire time! My guesthouse was only a minute away and I had basically walked past it, BUT I found it! And all of the communication I did to find my way back (while tipsy) was in Korean! So I feel pretty proud of myself! This is the kind of experience you have to have at least once in a foreign country, no?

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